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HUD has a lien on my home for a modification agreement I did not sign through Ditech


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I recently was notified that there is currently a lien against my property through the HUD Loss Partial Claim program through the FHA Loss Mitigation. I have obtained documentation of a partially completed application that was started by me, but never completed. This application was started in 2018 while my mortgage was with Ditech on possible options to reduce my payments.

During the process of starting this application I was informed that the other legal borrower on my loan had to also fill out and sign the application per their policy. This modification was no difference than if we were to refinance the loan or modify anything else at any other time. Per the HUD policy and Ditech, “all borrowers must sign and complete all documentation”.

This application was never completed by both legal borrowers listed on my home loan, therefore the application was never legally competed and could not be finalized.

I was never aware that there was a partial claim lien of the amount of $53,554.61 and I never agreed to this nor did the other borrower. 

i am in the middle of selling my home and that is how I became aware of this lien. I have called HUD numerous times and been “expedited” and they said a manager or supervisor would call me back and have. Or done so in over a month. 

The original document at were through Ditech, but they are no longer a company. I’m at a loss of what to do. 

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who holds your mortgage now? and the other borrower is that a spouse? ex-spouse? 

What I gathered is You got approved for a$53,554.61 reduction on you mortgage principal.  But since the two borrowers did not sign they are rescinding  the agreement and you now owe the $53,554.61 dollars.  

looks like you will have to sell house via short sell or $53,554.61 profit to pay off lien after closing cost. 

Another option may be to sign a new application and see if they will remove lien after that application is approved. 

Another option in line with the short sale is see if you can get your Mortgage company to pay HUD an agreed lesser amount that will remove the lien and then allow house to be sold. 


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