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Canceling agreement 3 Years into Debt Settlement Program, Rights and Process?


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Hello, if anyone has feedback on best way to approach Canceling a debt settlement agreement at the 3 year in point, it would be greatly appreciated. 

I have audited my account with COA, I am very disappointed with their service. 3 years in,  I see Constantly debt settled way over their initial projections,  not 1 settled even close to what they estimated.    I was not provided with any info, rushed to authorized. The entire time I was under the impression the settlements were in line with the estimates in the agreement. 
also, According to the agreement i am to authorize when and how much they take on each of their fees.
  Never saw anything like that.  many many concerns here.

They have taken their FEE before paying at least one payment towards a debt.

Several they would make a Payment of $1 DOLLAR. then take a HUGE fee the same day. 1 Dollar! that is the same as nothing.  I mean this is bad.

I am sick to my stomach. these services need to be banned. they do much harm, they are deceptive.   Their "Customer service"   is Horrid its non existent .    BEWARE OF THESE COMPANIES DO NOT USE CLEARONE ADVANTAGE.   

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