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Settled account : Closed but now "on hold" - what does this mean?


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Curious to see if anyone else knows what this means? My account was settled on 2/28 - account paid and closed for less than full amount. 

I was being sued. Motion for default - failure to plead (long story short: I did not know I had to do more than submit an appearance, so they filed motion for default).  I made the payment before the motion for default was processed (but just in time) and agency contacted their lawyer to let them know account paid and to notify court. That was 2/28. 

I called again on 3/2 - to confirm they notified the court. They said yes and that a letter was also being sent to the court. I asked them to send me a copy. They agreed. I expected by end of the day. It did not arrive.

3/3: I called again. Asked if the email was sent. They said "everything was sent 'upstairs' and was supposed to go out but since everything is manually scanned in and sent, there was a backlog. When I asked again, he said the staff doing the emailing was "out of the office" and to expect it "hopefully" by the end of the day.  I did not receive it.

3/4: called back again. Woman stated the account was "on hold". I said, "excuse me? this account was closed". She said it is closed but it also on hold. I asked for an explanation. She put me on a brief hold and came to back to explain that was all she could tell me. I continued to ask "what does this mean" and "when would they send the email". She told me to call back next wed. I guess I asked too many questions b/c she put me through to the guy I spoke with the day before. I said I didn't understand. He said it happens 4-5 times a day. Accounts are put on hold, sometimes for the "client to review the info". says it would take 3-5 business days. He stated this was not a negative thing and that "something could change, maybe it wouldn't" He wasn't helpful so I hung up and called the my direct contact there - who I worked with last week and on Monday when I made payment. When he called back, I was in a meeting. I called him 20 min later and it went straight to VM. I called a few times in the 40 min before they closed but was unable to get in touch with him for clarification.

Has anyone had this happen? 


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