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Account settled. Satisfaction of Judgement: Released/ Forever Discharged...now what?


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Good morning. I have a quick question: 

Located in Connecticut

I was being sued for an old CC debt. I ended up w a default judgement b/c I didn't know I had to submit a response (I only submitted an Appearance - big rookie mistake on my part and I'm paying the price now). 

I paid/settled with the law firm and paid on the same day that the Motion for Default was brought to the court. Judgement was granted but the law firm  sent a "Satisfaction of Judgement" to the court saying that the "judgement was satisfied" and "hereby released and forever discharged". Court received it and processed it.  

Next, I expect to hear from the Court that it was received an all is over and done.

So, I guess my quesiton is: what does this mean for me now? 

I know that judgements often to not make it to credit reports (b/c of the amount of info they need to report) but some do. I will be pulling my credit report and, if necessary, I will provide them with documentation that it has been discharged/closed. 

What about the court case? Does the judgement ever disappear or will anyone who ever wants to look anything up be able to see that. I'm worried about a future employer, etc. 

I can't seem to find anything online that explains the negative implications of having a default judgement that has been satisfied. Are there any? 

I'm trying to dig my way out of this hole I've created for myself and just trying to figure out what to expect. 

Thank you in advance for any insight!


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It varies from state to state, and sometimes from county to county within the state. 

All court records are public.  if they want to go down to the courthouse they can find it. 

Some states put everything online.  My state, Wisconsin, does that.  And I have had difficulties with employers because of that. 

Some states are not on line at all, and in some states it varies by county. 

I don’t know about CT  You will need to look that up  

Sometimes, but not always, a judgment will show up on your credit reports 


It is unlikely that a judgment paid in full will prevent you from future employment   Some places don’t want someone who owes a lot of money and some don’t want to deal with garnishments A fully paid judgment will be a small hit at worst  


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Thank you, @BackFromTheDebt!

This is helpful info. I will try and find out what it means for me here in Connecticut. I am set up through the efile system - so I'm able to view the case but not sure what it means to someone else (can they search for me by name, etc).

We settled for less than the full amount but I don't believe they said that in the letter to the court. They just wrote that the "judgement has been satisfied" and is "released and forever discharged".  I'm taking this as a win b/c when I originally spoke with the law firm, they repeatedly said that they would notify the judgement was "settled for less than full amount". For whatever reason, they seem to have left off the "less than full" - which is fine with me. I read here on the group that that can "look worse" than if it just said it's been satisfied. 

I think my credit has already taken it's biggest hit when I didn't pay this back. I have to figure out next steps for the rest of my issues but one allows me to breath a little easier. I will still follow up from all angles to see what I can do to minimize the effects of the judgement, if there are any. Hopefully, it wont be an issue and I can send the letter to the credit agency to have it removed (or at least updated to say satisfied. Not sure if it is true but I read some agencies want the courts to rescind the judgement. If so, I will go down that path when/if they refuse to remove it. 

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it!



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Thank you for this! I am not looking to change positions for the next year or so but it will be time to move on soon. I worried b/c I want to be upfront, if necessary, but also don't want to alert them to something they may not care about. I know many jobs will do a credit check. 


I appreciate the help. Have a great night!


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