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Sued by LVNV in Texas; MTC Arbitration Question


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I started a topic in a separate forum regarding claim filed against me by LVNV (OC is WebBank). I was pointed in the right direction regarding arbitration and am filing both my answer and MTC arbitration together. The arbitration clause was provided with the complaint. My deadline to file the answer is Friday, April 22. Also, I'm in Texas.  I have a process question. At what point do I submit the demand form with AAA- before I file with the court, or once the court schedules a hearing? Also, I am going with AAA basically because of the lower filing fee. Any indication that either AAA or JAMS has a better track record for the defendant?

Thanks for all the sage advice and insight on these forums. I am learning so much here. 

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On 4/20/2022 at 4:14 PM, BackFromTheDebt said:

Another point — it might be a good idea to mention JAMS in the motion.  The first time I filed an MTC the judge asked the plaintiff if they had done arbitration before and the plaintiff mentioned JAMS so the judge ordered JAMS.  

So if you mention JAMS in the filing, you are more likely to get to choose JAMS 

I didn't specify :( I hope that doesn't come back to bite me. 

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