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LVNV True accord Email Collections

kcdawg 304

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Got an email from trueaccord saying they were trying to collect a debt that is owed to LVNV. The email goes on to give the standard dispute options and says at the bottom they cannot sue for debt. The account went into default in November 2015 and charged off  in April 2016. according to their email. Its an old cap one account thats been on  credit report for years under LVNV. First question is can 2 collection agencies collect on same debt?  If there is  a violation in here somewhere i'm going to take advantage of it. Otherwise if no violation should i just ignore it or dv them telling them what they already know that debt is  past sol? (GA) Thanks

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On 7/22/2022 at 5:15 AM, WhoCares1000 said:

You can ignore it or you can send them a refusal to pay letter which works like a cease and desist letter.

Either one. 

This does not appear to be a violation.  

For other readers, the situation in Mississippi or Wisconsin is different, but this is not MS nor WI.  
In 48 states the owner of an SOL debt may attempt to collect as long as they notify the debtor that the creditor will not sue   
The debtor may stop contact with a cease and desist letter or a refusal to pay  


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There should only be one debt collection agency reporting the debt, if it is the same debt that both collectors are reporting. Only one of them actually will have the rights to collect on that debt. So technically you could have the original creditor, and a debt collector reporting the same debt.  If it were me I would dispute the collections of the same debt and at the very least make it known that the debt is duplicated by multiple collection agencies.

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