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Im getting sued for unpaid credit card

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 An attorneys office send me a letter with a court date.  I checked and it is on file.  This is for an unpaid credit card. What can I do? Do I contact that law firm and try to come to an arrangement? Do I ignore it? Please help with what are my options?

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1 hour ago, jake miller said:

I was not aware that I had 30days to respond. There is junction placed.  What can I do as far negotiating with the firm? 

Do you mean you didn't answer and they got a default JUDGEMENT not junction? 

If that's the case there is no reason for them to negotiate. 

THey will be willing to agree on a payment plan if you can afford but you will have to pay the full amount of judgement. 

When were you served?  

did you do this?

You have 30 days to respond in California

First, answer each issue of the Complaint. Second, assert affirmative defenses. Third, file the Answer with the court and serve the plaintiff.

California Answer filing fees range from $225-$435.

Apply for a fee waiver if you can't pay the filing fee.. 


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