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Ally - Someone tried to open an account in my name


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I'm almost on the other side of defaulting on most of my debt, but my credit is still in the fair range. It's nothing I'd think anyone would want to steal.

But, I received a letter today that someone tried to open an Ally bank account in my name but they couldn't open it because they couldn't confirm my identity.

I guess they had the name and address right though.  I wonder what else they had?  I'll call tomorrow to see what I can find out.

Has anyone else had this specific thing happen? 

What would be the benefit of opening a bank account vs. a credit card or some other kind of loan? To establish that they are me?

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this is what ally bank site says you need to open bank account:

What do I need to open a bank account?

The account opening process at any financial institution is pretty straightforward. When applying, you need the following:

Your Social Security Number or tax identification number

Your street address

Your legal name

Your birthday

Assuming you can supply all of these elements and the bank can verify them, you should be all set. No additional documentation is typically required. Though, in some cases, your prior history with other financial intuitions and credit score may also be taken into consideration.

On the off chance that some of your personal information can’t be verified (for instance, you changed your name when you got married but didn’t make it official), a bank may ask for additional documentation to prove your identity. So, it’s a good idea to have the following at the ready:

Your driver’s license

Your Social Security card

Proof of U.S. residency or citizenship. (If you know that you’re unable to provide this documentation, check to see if this might be a requirement with the financial institution ahead of time)

My guess is they didn't have your birthday or SS info..

Do you have your cellphone on credit report? It posible bank required then to enter a code sent to your cell phone. Did you get a txt on your cellphone? 







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2 hours ago, Bulldoger said:

Did you get a txt on your cellphone? 

I did not.  I think my work phone number is on my credit report - and I never use it because I work from home now.

People at work know how to get me by email, IM, cell phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Maybe they texted that? 

I'm going to call sometime and see if they're willing to tell me anything.  I'm guessing they won't.

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4 hours ago, Tbabee said:

I got a letter today saying the same thing...that they could not verify me.  I did not try to open one.

Possibly, on of your emails go hack and you had email with PII. Or a business that stored your PII got hack. I would put a freeze on your credit reports you can unfreeze went you apply for credit.   P.S. Change email and banking passwords

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Just in case anyone else stumbles onto this thread...

Today, 3/27/23, someone was able to open a checking and savings account with Ally Bank in my name.  They had my SS# it appears.  That said, I only found out because the person opening the account used my email address! but their own phone number.  I got a welcome email from Ally and immediately called them to close the accounts as they were fraudulent.  I also immediate froze my credit as well.  It doesn't appear they got any further, so there is that at least (so far).

Good luck out there!

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