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Transunion straight lied, the tiny medical bill is still there


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Hi and thanks for helping...

On my Transunion report I have a $211, past SOL, twice disputed medical bill third partied by the bottom feeders known as Velo Law.  It is my understanding that medical bills under $500 are to be erased from credit reports as of 1/1/2023.  I sent a certified letter to TU on 1/3 and received their confirmation of receipt on 1/10.  Then today, I got a letter from TU and this is what it says, "After reviewing your dispute request, we found the information you disputed does not currently appear on your Transunion credit report.  It's possible the information was updated before we reviewed your report or it was reported by one of the other credit reporting companies."   

However, I'm looking at a fresh updated TU report right now, 1/23/23,  and that item is still most certainly still there.  Lies, gaslighting, laziness, I don't know why they bothered sending me such an inaccurate response, but I'm wondering where I should proceed from here. Thanks again!


PS- I also sent dispute letters to Equifax and Velo, neither of which mail confirmation has returned to me yet.    I'm not surprised at Velo avoiding responsibility, they are as dirty as any other run of the mill scumbag third parties, but I also wonder what I should do for a follow up if I don't end up receiving the confirmation tickets.

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Wait six months my guess is they have six months to complete removal. 

https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/finance/medical-bills-on-credit-report#:~:text=Get your unpaid debt under,one-time or emergency event.

Get your unpaid debt under $500. By mid-2023, all medical debt less than $500 is no longer expected to appear on credit reports from the three major bureaus. The bureaus made these decisions after a review of medical debt revealed that, for most people, the debt was a result of a one-time or emergency event. If you have unpaid medical debt, it would be a great idea to try to get it below $500 as soon as possible so that it won't appear on your credit reports after the first half of this year.

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