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Most likely going to be sued by LVNV funding via Mandarich Law Group LLP in California


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I just currently filed for motion to compel arbitration for a case with LVNV funding LLC vía Mandarich Law Group LLP. I’m awaiting my arbitration motion trial on 04/24/2023.

I know that LVNV Funding LLC purchased 3 other default accounts from Navy Federal Credit Union. Checked my credit and they’ve updated the collections on the 3 accounts. I received a notice a while back from Mandarich law group stating that if i don’t pay then i will be sued. Therefore, I wanted to prepare for the next trial. The OC is Navy Federal Credit Union. Two collections are loans and one is a credit card. Last payments made for the two loans which have now been advanced to a legal track were between 2018 and 2019. From my understanding, NFCU does not have an arbitration clause in their agreements. Any advice? 

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Make sure to get the agreements. 
That is the way to make certain that there is no arbitration clause. 

In most states if you are sued you will lose.  There appears to be ways in California to fight a debt suit.  I’m not from California so I don’t know how effective these methods are. 

Without arbitration your choices are to fight or to settle. 

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