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Admission of fact

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I have been served an Admission Of Fact from Lvnv Funding LLC.

My question is how do I answer to the Admission Of Fact?

Who do I send the response to? The court or the attorney handling the case for Lvnv? Or both?

Just trying to figure out how and where to start 

The law firm is - Eaton Group attorneys LLC

The amount they are inquiring about is $2100

The original creditor is - Synchrony bank

The letter was served to my daughter (I wasn't home)

I live in Beauregard parish, Louisiana

They are giving me 30 days to respond 


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Since the OC is Synchrony (free JAMS), and you are dealing with a JDB, the best way to deal with this, the desired outcome being that they dismiss the case, is through arbitration.  I would recommend filing a Motion to Compel Arbitration ASAP.  

If you choose the arb route, the way to respond to their discovery is to OBJECT to each one, like this: "OBJECTION.  Arbitration has been elected, and a jurisdictional motion is before the court.  The scope of discovery is to be determined by the arbitration forum."

You send your discovery responses to the attorney for the plaintiff.  Check your state's Rules of Civil Procedure and the local court rules to see if you need to file them with the court too.

The best info on arbitration is here:


Arb is the only way I would fight a creditor, OC or JDB, where there is an arb clause.  It works best with JDBs, but I have had success with an OC as well, using arb.

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