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LVNV lawsuit via Mandarich arbitration ?

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Is there a rough amount that makes arbitration worth it for the debt buying creditor? I am curious when having the protections of the courts rules of evidence in California would be preferred to any potential pitfalls of arbitration? The reason I ask, is if creditors are now trying to enforce arbitration clauses--what is their benefit?

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Every creditor is different.  Some will follow you into arbitration for a penny, others not for five figures.  I’ve dealt with both types. 

Some OCs, such as Discover and AmEx, have a corporate policy.  Thing is, when there is a corporate policy, it gets followed no matter how much the company loses in a particular situation.  Not just that policy.  I know of teams that were destroyed when big banks with RTO policies, for example.  But policy is policy.  

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