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Real or not?


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my friend got this message today and she's a little freaked out. It sounds weird to me but I thought I would check with the smart people here. 


This is process server Swanson. I am a licensed courier process server in your local jurisdiction. I was actually hired to deliver a citation or summons under your name and social or could actually be a relative of yours as your number was provided to sheriffs records. The reason for this message is we've actually been unable to serve the subpoena at the address on file meaning to be either your old address or perhaps you weren't home when the attempts were made you being in jeopardy of missing your court date or just escalating into a bench warrant for you being evasive. That you can verify update your address or if you want to obtain more details by contacting the one who hired us. They're listed as the law offices of Russell. I have a number for them 716-------- that you can contact. We will not make any further attempts to serve you as the same address without verification. Obviously to avoid wasting a trip so again I would highly recommend you contact the plaintiff if your not sure why you are being served or to obtain information or again if you simply need to update your address to make sure you actually receive the document. Their number again is (). Thank you for your time.

I took this off her phone message text so some words may be wrong. Thanks!

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If she believes that she has some old debts, or if she is concerned about a lawsuit she should check with her local court instead of responding to these people.  I have never heard of a process server calling before showing up.  Even if they did, there is too much generic information in the message, like "in your local jourisdiction".  If someone was actually trying to serve her, they would know what the jourisdiction is.  I would never, ever give out personal information to someone who I don't know who called or especially sent suspect text messages.

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