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does an interest free loan modification (hud) show up on credit report or keep me from getting a new property mortgage approval?


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COVID RELEIF: I was told any missed payments on my mortgage would not affect my score, rather the amount would go to the end of my mortgage. yada yada i ended up in a "loan modification" through HUD.. so they have a lien, which is fine, i owe the money... my question is will this lien affect my ability to acquire a new mortgage from a new lender after i sell?  My credit is fine, i have plenty of equity. 

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Does a Lien Appear on Your Credit Report?

As of 2018, liens no longer show up on your credit report. However, with real estate and bank liens, the loan associated with the lien is still listed on your credit reports.

The three national credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) eliminated records of civil judgments and tax liens from credit reports after a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study discovered difficulties reporting such information accurately.

Currently, the only public records listed in credit reports are bankruptcies. Records of Chapter 13 bankruptcy remain in credit reports for seven years from the filing date; records of Chapter 7 bankruptcy remain on reports for 10 years from the filing date.

from Experian website 

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