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Wrongful Sell of an multi-problem vehicle


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I was sold a $110k motorhome in which 2 1/2 months later I had 5 1/2 pages of discrepancies and problems and two safety issues. The dealer failed to take responsibility.  I was still stuck with paying $110,000 for something that was completely dangerous to drive. I hired an attorney to which he bagged out a month before the statute of limitations. Being that I am retired military, Icompletely dangerous to drive. I hired an attorney to which he bagged out a month before the statue of limitations. Being that I am retired military, I was not aware of circumstances that would create problems with my credit as he had told me to turn the vehicle back in because I was not able to use it, my credit went from 800 down to 602. I was already in this vehicle $65,000 and there is a balance of $38,000 left.  The vehicle was late charged off by my local credit union, but as I said that $38,000 is still pending and I cannot get them to help me.

What can I do?

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Bummer probably sold as is and lemon laws do not apply to motorhomes. Motorhomes dealers seldom take responsibility that would be up to the manufacture of the motorhome if it was motorhome related and up to the chassi manufacture if chassis drivetrain related and to engine manufacture if engine related and only if under warranty.   Returning the vehicle just saves you repo fees.  Credit Union needs to subtract what they get at auction for the motorhome from you balance that is what you own on the debt.  They could sue you for the what is left but since you are retired it is not worth the effort to collect.  Possible it sell for more or near 38,000.  Wait and see what the balance  falls to then you can try a pay to delete on the tradeline with credit union if you have the money to spare to make them whole.  Worst case in seven years it falls off your credit report. 


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