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A Letter From an Innovis Rep

Written by: Kristy Welsh

A Letter From an Innovis Rep

We thought you'd enjoy this letter.....

To Whom It May Concern:

This is in regards to a recent article published on your web site called, '" Secret Credit Bureau May Be Violating Consumer's Rights." There are many inconsistencies in this report that I feel you should be aware of. I work for Innovis in Columbus, Ohio. Our company is owned by CBC and that seems to be the only correct statement in your article. You mentioned that information is shared only under duress with consumers. I know for a fact that is an incorrect statement. Innovis sends copies of credit reports to consumers everyday. All they need is to send in basic information, such as name and address. There are some states in which charges apply, and it is within our rights to collect those charges. We, in no way whatsoever, violate FCRA laws. We do request that the consumers send their information through the mail. This is for the protection of our customers. We try to take every measure possible to insure that someone's personal information doesn't get in the wrong hand. As for the comment concerning the consumer whose credit union pulled her Innovis report, that is a complete falsehood. We are a relatively new company and have not yet begun to sell reports to businesses. There is no possible way that any consumer had been turned down for anything because of an Innovis report. In the future you may want to do your own investigating before you print lies. You may want to try contacting Innovis yourself and asking for a copy of your report. I am sure that you would be completely satisfied with the results. You should really try to make sure your articles are based on fact, not fiction, next time. You see it is against the law to print things that are not true. It's called slander. Just to let you know. I'm sure this letter will never see your web page, but that's okay, we understand. I wouldn't want to look like a fool in front of America either.

Thank you,
Innovis Data Solutions