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Sample Credit Dispute Letter - Follow up Letter to Credit Bureaus

Send this credit dispute letter requesting follow up to your original dispute letter.

Use this letter to follow up with the credit bureaus with respect to the original dispute letters you already sent to them. You will use this letter if you have not heard back from the bureaus in 30 days. You will want to include a copy of your original letter and any documentation showing they received your first letter - i.e. post office receipt of delivery.

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Credit Bureau
Bureau Address

RE: Dispute Letter of date you sent in first or subsequent requests

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is formal notice that you have failed to respond to my dispute letter of (date). I sent this letter registered mail and have enclosed a copy of the return receipt which you signed on (date).

As you are well aware, federal law requires you to respond within 30 days. It has now been over that period since the receipt of my letter. As you are no doubt aware, failure to comply with federal regulations by credit reporting agencies are in serious violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and may be investigated by the FTC. Obviously, I am maintaining detailed records of all my correspondence with you.

I am aware that you may have misplaced my letters or have failed to respond to my letter because of an oversight due to the high volume of the requests you receive daily. If this is the case, I'm sure you'll want to handle this matter as soon as possible. For this purpose, I have included a copy of my original request, the dated receipt of your reception of the original letter and a copy of the proof verifying the incorrectness of the credit item you have mistakenly placed on my records.

The following information therefore needs to be verified and deleted from the report as soon as possible:

CREDITOR AGENCY - Account #123-34567-ABC

Please delete this erroneous item from my credit report as soon as possible.


Your Signature

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