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Identity Theft Statistics

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Last Updated: September 4, 2017

The Identity Fraud Report released by Javelin Strategy & Research in February 2017, showed identity fraud reached new highs in 2016. Overall fraud incidents rose 16 percent to affect 6.15 percent of U.S. consumers, up from 5.30 percent in 2015 —  the highest on record. The study also found that there were two million more victims than 2015 and the amount the fraud thieves took was one billion more raising losses to $16 billion.

Identity Theft Trends

The 2017 Identity Theft Fraud Study found these significant identity theft trends:

Top Ten States for Identity Theft Complaints per 100,000 Population in 2016 

Missouri 364.3
Connecticut 225.0
Florida 217.4
Maryland 183.2
Illinois 158.7
Michigan 158.1
Georgia 149.1
Texas 144.3
New Hampshire 142.0
California 141.3


What is the best protection against identity theft?


The dramatic increase in identity theft last year can be dishartening but don't let those sobering statistics keep you from being proactive when it comes to preventing ID theft. We are our own best defense, before and after the fact. Protect your personal information and keep close watch on your financial statements and credit reports.

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