The Complete Guide to Credit and Debit Cards

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Finding the right credit card to match your financial situation and spending habits can be time-consuming and sometimes downright impossible. There are so many credit card offers out there and the only way you might hear about any of them is when you get a credit card offer in the mail. But is that offer really good for you financially? If you have poor credit, can you even qualify for this card? Well, we have links to credit card offers below. Pick the one you are interested in, and click on the link.

Choosing the Right Credit Card For You

How to Pick the Right Type of Credit Card for You — With so many credit card offers out there, how do you know which card is best for you? We have some basic questions you need to ask yourself prior to signing up for the next card offer that comes to you in the mail.

How to Find a Good Credit Card — If you have good credit or bad credit, chances are you recently received a credit card offer in the mail. How do you know if this is a good deal or one you should stay away from – we have tips you need to look for before you send that application back.

How to Find a Credit Card if You Have Bad Credit — Having a low credit score can make it difficult to find a credit card. Fear not – we have some tips for you so you can apply for a credit card with bad credit.

How to Find a Credit Card if You Have Good Credit — Sometimes it is not that easy finding a decent credit card offer if you have good credit. Here are places to look so you can find a good credit card to use if you have a good credit score.

Different Types of Credit Cards Available

Low-Interest Credit Cards — Generally, to qualify for a low-interest credit card, you have to have good to excellent credit. But, before you fill out that application, make sure you read all the fine print. We’ll show you what to look for.

Department Store Credit Cards — Department store credit cards are easy to get but are they right for you? We have the pros and cons of applying for and using a department store card.

What is a Prepaid Card? — If you are looking to establish credit, a prepaid card is the perfect card for you. Not sure what they are – read our article on what to look for in a prepaid card.

Best Cash Back Credit Card — Tempted by cash back offers? You are not alone. Find out how to chose and use a cash back credit card.

Secured Credit Cards Can Help Rebuild Credit — Using a secured credit card is the best way to start establishing good credit if you recently filed for bankruptcy or if you have a low credit score. They are easy to use and easy to get – read how.

Best Credit Cards for Big Spenders — These top 10 cards offer the best rewards and most cash back for those who use their credit cards a lot each month.

How to Maximize Rewards and Frequent Flyer Points — Chances are you have a rewards credit card in your wallet. Read our eight tips on how to maximize your reward points.

Credit Card Rebate and Reward Programs. Deal or a Rip-Off? — Most consumers will say credit card rewards are the second-most important reason for choosing a specific card. But, is that rewards card a good deal or it is ripping you off?

Using Credit Cards on Vacation or for Emergencies

Using a Debit Card Safely in a Foreign Country — If you are planning to travel overseas, make sure you know how your debit card will work in a foreign country. This will prevent unnecessary fees and charges and possibly not being able to use it at all.

Tips on Credit Card Safety During Vacation and Travel — Whether you travel domestically or aboard, it is important you take these precautions when traveling with your credit cards.

Credit Card Use Before and After a Disaster — You never know when a disaster or an emergency will strike, so it is important you are prepared. We have some tips to get your credit cards ready to use in such an emergency.

General Information About Credit Cards

FAQs Regarding Credit Cards — We have received hundreds of questions about credit cards. This article answers the most popular questions we have received over the years.

Everything You Need to Know About Credit Cards — This article breaks down the different types of credit cards available so you can decide which kind of card is best for your spending habits.

Our Guide to Understanding Credit Card Fees — Make sure you understand all the fees associated with the type of credit card you plan to use or apply for.

Pros and Cons of a Credit Card Cash Advance – What if you need cash in a pinch and you need more money than you currently have in your checking or savings account? This is when a cash advance may come in handy but you need to know the pros and cons of using a credit card cash advance.

Times When You Absolutely Need a Credit Card — You may run into instances when you absolutely need to use a credit card – for say, renting a car or getting a hotel room. See other times where you will need to use your plastic.

Credit Card Company Tricks of the Trade — See what gimmicks and tricks the credit card companies are playing to try to get you to apply for their cards. Some are not as good as they sound.

Prepaid Cards Can Teach Teenagers About Money — Getting your child a prepaid card is a great way to teach them about money and how to become financially independent. Watch out for excessive fees when choosing a prepaid card.

Why Millennials Love to Use Prepaid Debit Cards — More and more young adults, or Millennials, are using prepaid debit cards instead of the traditional unsecured credit cards. Find out why these cards are way more enticing to these consumers.

Credit Card Fraud and Credit Card Theft Prevention

Chargeback Provides Protection From Fraudulent Charges — Credit cards provide protection against fraudulent charges in the form of a chargeback. Read this article to learn what this is and how to use it.

New Era of Credit Cards Containing RFID and EMV Chips — Just about all U.S. credit cards contain an RFID and an EMV chip. What is this new technology and how will it help with credit card fraud and ID theft prevention?

Making Safe Purchases with Credit Cards — We receive a lot of questions regarding making purchases with credit cards. This article answers the most common questions we have received over the years.

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud — Don’t think credit card fraud will happen to you, think again. Millions are victims each year but we can show you how to avoid becoming another statistic.

How to Prevent the Credit Bureaus From Selling Your Name to Mailing Lists — Isn’t it annoying to get all that junk mail from companies trying to get you to apply for their credit cards? Learn how to get off of their mailing lists.

Tips for Managing Your Credit Cards

How to Stop Automatic Payments — Signing up for an automatic withdraw to pay a monthly bill may seem like a good idea at first, but what can you do if you want to stop these payments.

How to Raise Your Credit Card Limit — A low credit limit can restrict the types of purchases you can make with your credit card. Here’s how to ask for a credit limit increase.

How to Lower Your Interest Rate — Are you paying too much in interest every month on your credit cards? We will show you how to ask for a lower rate and get it.

How Credit Card Interest Rates are Calculated — Every credit card comes with an annual percent rate but how does that break down to daily or even monthly – find out how to calculate it.

Consider a Balance Transfer to Lower Your Interest Rate — Transferring a balance from one credit card to another can reap many benefits.  Just make sure to understand what the new card is going to offer you in the way of savings.

How Many Credit Cards Should You Have? — If you are thinking about applying for a new credit card, be careful about how many cards you have as this will affect your credit.

Why College Students Mis-Manage Credit Cards — College students as a whole are illiterate when it comes to credit card use. Mis-managing their credit cards by being ignorant of interest rates, late payment fees, and overbalance penalties.

Credit Card Reform

Is Credit Card Reform Working? — Since the passing of the Credit Card Act of 2009, are credit card holders really better off now, or is everything still status quo.

Credit Card Complaints Can Now Be Found On-Line — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched an online database so consumers can search for complaints against credit card companies.

How Checkout Fees on Credit Card Payments Affect You — As of January 2013, merchants are able to charge a checkout fee when you use your Visa or MasterCard to make a purchase. Learn what these fees are and which merchants are passing this on to their customers.

The Changing Tide in Merchant Fees — Banks now charging fees to use debit cards will cost merchants more which will then be passed on to us consumers. Are these fees really necessary?

Predicting the Future of the Credit Card Industry — Credit card issuers are planning for new products and offers by targeting their customers spending habits and needs. See what new products might be coming from the credit card industry.

Credit Card Industry Legal Issues

How and Why Fingertip Signatures Work — Learn what a fingertip signature is and if these are a legal way to process a credit card payment.

Questionable Credit Card Practices — Read this article to see what some credit card companies are doing to unsuspecting consumers.

Billing Errors and Overcharges — You can encounter billing errors, merchants who charge you incorrectly, someone stealing your information and using it fraudulently. This article will show you how to handle these types of issues.

Credit Card Arbitration — Fair or Foul? — If you have a dispute with a credit card company, you will have to go through mandatory arbitration. Is this process really fair for the average consumer?

Are You Able To Sue Your Credit Card Company — We talked about arbitration in a previous article, but this clause can keep you from suing your credit card company directly. See what is being changed so that consumers have their day in court.

The Ins and Outs of Credit Card Insurance — Credit card companies are always pushing their payment protection insurance plans on us, are they really worth the extra money every month? We will give you the pros and cons of this insurance.

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