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Articles on Payday Lending - Predatory Lending, High Interest Rates

Payday Loan Articles

You might think getting a payday loan is fast and easy - which it is - but there is monster lurking underneath. Before you even think about going to one of those suspect offices requesting a payday loan, make sure you totally understand the risks involved. You just might wish you asked your mom for the money instead!

Payday Loans be Cheaper than Checking Overdraft Fees? See if it might be cheaper to bounce a check than taking out a payday loan.

How to Get Out of Payday Loan Hell This title speaks for itself.

Military Payday Loan Protections Watch out for bad payday loans if you are in the military.

How Payday Loans Can Cost You a Fortune

More Info about Payday Loans

Utility Companies Turning to Payday Lending Stores for Payment Services

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