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Credit Repair Jumpstart for 2011

Written by: Kristy Welsh

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - January 17, 2011) - If you're like many Americans, you've wished 2010 a speedy retreat into the past. How to greet 2011? If you're just getting back on your feet financially, why not jumpstart your life with a little do-it-yourself credit repair? It's not difficult, but just like jump starting a dead battery in your car, you have to do things in the right order, says Kristy Welsh.

  1. Make sure you connect the cables to your credit report properly. Batteries have a positive and negative terminal. The same holds true for your credit report. Do you know what the positive and negative items are? You need to take some time to identify these carefully. You don't want to "short out" your report by removing the wrong items, says Welsh.
  2. Find someone with a charged credit report to whom you can hook up for "juice." Just like a car battery, you can "hook up" to someone else's credit to get a charge. Ask a friend or family member to add you to a credit account in good standing. This essentially adds good credit to your credit report.
  3. Once you hook up the cables to your own car battery, you have to start your car and rev the engine. It's the same in credit repair, once you've added some positive credit to your credit report, you have to keep the momentum going by making payments on time in your existing accounts.
  4. Keep your credit report from going dead! Credit reports, like batteries, need maintenance. Keeping your credit report corrosion-free is simply a matter of checking your report annually. You can get a free copy at This is this is the only truly free place to get a report, according to Welsh.


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