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Credit Info Center Announces Release of New Credit Repair Series

Written by: Kristy Welsh

PHOENIX, AZ--(08/22/2012) - In this tough economy, the last thing a jobless person needs is a barrier to employment and a poor credit score can be this stumbling block. Mistakes on a credit report can lower a person's score significantly. In addition, innocent habits by consumers can also lower scores.

In recognition of these problems, Creditinfocenter is announcing their release of a new credit repair article series, designed to help those with poor credit fix negative marks and those with good credit keep their credit score high.

Topics include:

  • The Cost of Bad Credit - How bad credit impacts more than just your ability to get new loans.
  • How Does Inaccurate Information Get on Your Credit Report? - How mistake occurs with information on your credit report and how they can be prevented.
  • How to Close a Credit Card Account Without Hurting Your Credit Score - Closing credit accounts can sometimes inadvertently hurt your score, the article explains how to avoid this.
  • Innocent Ways You Can Ruin Your Credit - Some borrowers can pay their bills on time and still be hurting their credit report. The article explains how.
  • On-Time Rent Payments Can Now Help Your Credit - Once upon a time your on-time rent payments did not reflect on your credit report. We show you how to get this positive payment on your credit report.
  • BBB Reports on Credit Repair Company Scams - It's usually much more effective to fix error your own than hire a credit repair agency. However, if you do, you need to be aware of unethical credit repair companies.

The credit repair series can be found at Free Credit Repair Program.

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