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Unique Video Series Lightens Up Credit Repair

Written by: Kristy Welsh

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - 12/14/2011) - If you take your credit seriously, increasing your credit score is a priority. Yet, the overwhelming nature of it can be intimidating. That's why's 12-part video series is a breath of fresh air.

"In 'The ABC's of Credit', you'll find answers to everything you've ever wanted to know about credit but were too afraid to ask!" says's Kristy Welsh, who hosts the video series with sidekick Nookie. The series includes:

  1. Video 1: What is Credit? Covers the basics, including how credit impacts every aspect of your life.
  2. Video 2: What is a Credit Report? Covers the nuts and bolts of a credit report including what's on it and why that's important.
  3. Video 3: How Do I Get My Credit Report and Credit Score? Covers the all-important first step in the credit repair process.
  4. Video 4: What is Bankruptcy and How Do I Qualify? Covers the basics of bankruptcy, which should only be a last resort, even if you qualify.
  5. Video 5: How Do I Fix My Credit Report? Covers all the ins-and-outs of removing negative listings.
  6. Video 6: Drowning in Debt. Covers strategies for coping with more debt than you can handle.
  7. Video 7: How Do I Rehab My Mortgage? Covers options for saving your house from foreclosure.
  8. Video 8: Harassed by Collection Agencies. Covers your rights as a consumer and what to do if and when those rights are violated.
  9. Video 9: Finding Time to Fix Your Credit. Covers strategies for scheduling all the must-do tasks involved in the credit repair process.
  10. Video 10: How to Settle Your Debts. Covers all the intricacies of debt settlement.
  11. Video 11: I'm Being Sued. Covers what you need to know in the event that a creditor sues you over an unpaid debt.
  12. Video 12: Maintaining Good Credit. Covers strategies for ensuring that, once your credit is repaired, it stays that way!

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Kristy Welsh, editor and founder of Creditinfocenter, is the author of several books on personal finance, including Good Credit Is Sexy, a tongue-in-cheek guide to managing your credit.