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Depression and Your Credit Score

Written by: Kristy Welsh

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - 05/11/2011) - Do you feel just as beat up as your credit score does due to your experience in the tough economic times? Many people have seen their credit report take a hit due to un-employment or under-employment, leaving them unable to pay their bills. This could bring on depression. Sure we understand the outside causes, but what actually leads to feelings of depression?

Kristy Welsh contacted Phoenix psychiatrist Dr. Robert Williams about what causes the depressive state. Dr. Williams explained, "For most people experiencing depression, depression can be caused by an overactive limbic system. The limbic system, commonly known as the primitive brain, triggers the 'flight or fight' mechanism and sets a person's emotional tone. In times of economic stress, the limbic system is over stimulated by threats to financial survival. A person can then experience a sense of hopelessness and depression. When the limbic system is less active there is generally a positive, more hopeful state of mind."

If you're experiencing depression as a result of bad credit:

  • It's hard to stay positive at times like this, but tell yourself that this, too, shall pass. In Ms. Welsh's experience with credit repair and debt counseling, "Things eventually turn around for the better for everyone in the end. It's best to just hold on and ride out the storm."
  • Exercise is highly beneficial and can help sweep out the hormones flooding your body from your limbic system, causing depressive feelings.
  • Avoid the guilt and shame self-talk, which is only going to make you feel worse. Welsh advises, "Falling credit scores are happening to many people. Bad credit doesn't make you a bad person."
  • Taking action always helps you feel like you have some control over the situation. Do whatever you can to repair your credit. Make arrangements to get on a payment plan with creditors and pay what you can.

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