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Can Your Credit Score Indicate Your Date-ability?

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Phoenix, AZ - Credit scores are being used to assess you these days for many other things besides how well you pay your bills, says Kristy Welsh, the author of "Good Credit Is Sexy." Insurance companies regularly, and in the open, use your credit report score to determine your insurance rates. So what's next? How about a person's ability to maintain a long-term relationship!?

Number of Credit Cards: People who have way too many credit cards do not get emotionally attached to anything, or anyone, and have no problem leaving at the first sign of a someone with a lower annual percentage rate, I mean bigger biceps/chest. Subtract points.

People who hang on to their credit cards even after a bankruptcy: (You are allowed to do this - it's called reaffirmation). This person will hang on to something even if it means their downfall. Subtract points. Or maybe such loyalty points to an ability to remain faithful to someone through thick and thin. Add points.

Unpaid child support payments: Collect 200 points and send this person directly to jail.

Multiple Bankruptcies: A person who files bankruptcy every 6 years (the minimum time frame you can have between bankruptcies) most likely remarries easily. Subtract points.

Too many inquiries on a report: An inquiry shows up on credit report when a person applies for a credit card or loan. Lots of inquiries indicate the person is applying for too much credit. This means he hits on everyone on the planet. Subtract points.

20 years of student loans, not yet activated for repayment: This person is still in school, and obviously has a tough time growing up and facing reality. If you like being a parental figure to your mate, add points; otherwise, subtract.

Excessive use of the 100 word statement: (A statement a consumer is allowed to add to their credit reports to explain delinquencies.) A person who overuses this feature on her credit report publicizes her problems to her in-laws and friends, instead of talking to you. Subtract.

Nice clean, report with everything paid on time: This person obviously doesn't take risks and most likely is an engineer or accountant. Add points if you like this type, otherwise, subtract.

Your credit score results from a method for calculating your credit risk developed by Fair Isaac. Maybe now the public has one more tool, the credit score, to help it find a soul mate!