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Hope For the Unsexy

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Scottsdale, AZ - So you think diet and exercise are the keys to sexiness? "Not true," says Kristy Welsh, author of "Good Credit is Sexy." "You need that additional edge - financial stability - to make those hearts go all a-flutter."

These days, as most couples need both incomes - and credit ratings - for many of life's major financial investments, a troubled financial situation could prevent you from buying an engagement ring, home or car.

"In all seriousness," Welsh adds, "revealing a bad credit history may find the man or woman of your dreams running out the door, as these are important considerations when people start talking about a long-term committed relationship."

Told with many stories about relationships, "Good Credit is Sexy" deals with all aspects of credit from establishing credit as a young adult to dealing with the unhappy possibility of bankruptcy. It clearly defines and explains the different types of consumer credit, student loans, credit cards, auto loans and mortgages.