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Credit Info Center Announces New Web Site Redesign

Written by: Kristy Welsh

PHOENIX, AZ--(PR Newswire - 11/16/2012)  Credit Info Center, the leader in online credit repair and debt settlement self-help information, announces the redesign of their website. The redesign features improved website navigation and a new color scheme which is very easy on the eyes.

The new site design incorporates questions from live discussion forums, creating an interactive environment for those who are seeking information to improve their personal finances.

"Credit repair is actually a simple process," says Kristy Welsh, who is the editor of Welsh says the new site design will make it easier to find the information needed to repair a damaged credit report or settle even overwhelming debts. "If you have a large number of items to correct or debts to settle, the process can seem intimidating, but is relatively easy to understand and implement a low or even no-cost solution."

Experts tend to agree with Welsh — that credit repair is something anyone can do on their own. "It's a matter of getting your credit report, writing letters, reviewing the results and repeating the process until you achieve the desired outcome," explains Welsh. In addition, many experts acknowledge that debt settlement is also something that can be accomplished fairly easily without the use of a professional firm. "Self help when it comes to personal finances in general, is often more effective than the use of paid-for services," says Welsh.


Founded in 1997, is a free one-stop destination for consumers looking for free advice on repairing and rebuilding bad credit. It advocates the self-help approach to credit and debt management. Kristy Welsh is the author of several books on personal finance, including Good Credit Is Sexy, a tongue-in-cheek guide to managing your credit. Credit Info Center also has a FREE credit repair app which can be downloaded for the Android market.