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Credit Info Center Announces Release of New Student Finance Series

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Series Offers Advice on How to Avoid Falling Into Deep Student Loan Debt

PHOENIX, AZ--(PR Newswire - 09/26/2012)  CreditInfo Center announces their new "Student Loan Article Series." Student debt has skyrocketed in recent years. With students back to school this fall, tuition sticker shock has surely set in. The new article series shows current and future students ways to deal with current student loans and ways to finance your way through future semesters of college.

Many new college grads find themselves deep in debt after they graduate and face years of being in the hole financially. Our article series talks about ways to avoid debt in the first place and ways to minimize the impact of existing student loans.

Topics include:

  • Comprehensive Guide to Getting and Applying for Student Loans. Everything you need to know about federal and private student loans.
  • Ten Tips for Finding Free Scholarship Money for College.
  • Paying for College via Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn the secrets of successfully applying for the largest federal student program.
  • Ways to Avoid Getting Into Student Loan Debt. Learn alternative ways to finance your college tuition.
  • Are You in Jeopardy of Defaulting on Your Student Loan?
  • Public Servant Student Loan Forgiveness Program. Learn about a program where volunteer work can wipe out your student loan debt.
  • What College Degrees Should You Pursue. Which college degrees give you the most bang for your buck after you graduate.
  • Best and Worst College Degrees by Salary.
  • Getting a Job by Volunteering. Can extracurricular activities you've been participating in help you get a job?

The student financial series can be found at

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