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Do You Have Time For Credit Repair?

Written by: Kristy Welsh

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - 10/26/2011) Many people say they don't have time for credit repair but they do. Credit repair only takes about two to four hours a month.

The New York Times estimated the average American watched 142 hours of TV a month in 2008. "You can certainly give up some TV time to save you the estimated repair fees of an average $90 per month," says Kristy Welsh. "Total average time to fix your credit is about four to eight months," adds Welsh. "Think of the savings."

Welsh further emphasizes that the credit repair process is not difficult to do or to understand. It consists of:

  1. Understanding the process.
  2. Getting your credit report.
  3. Writing dispute letters.
  4. Tracking the progress of your efforts.
  5. Re-disputing items which remain on your credit report.

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Here are the average times it takes for each task in repairing your own credit:

  • Reading and learning how to fix your credit should only take you about an hour an a half. You can read our free credit repair guide.
  • Getting your free credit report from should only take you 30 minutes.
  • Reading your credit report should take you about an hour.
  • Writing a dispute letter to each credit bureau will take an average of 30 minutes per report.
  • Reviewing the results of your dispute letters will only take 30 minutes.
  • Re-disputing information on your credit report will only take 15 minutes.

Want to learn more about the time it takes to repair your own credit? View a free online credit repair timetable at


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