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Relocation Tips When Moving to a New City

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Last Updated: August 10, 2016

Relocating to a new city or state can be one of the most exciting, yet most stressful events that people go through in their lives. Packing, moving, changing residences, meeting new people — for many people the process is fraught with chaos, disorientation, and a feeling of being out of control. Moving within the same city is certainly no small task, but moving to a new state or region is particularly stressful.

Everything changes and the simple comforts you took for granted, such as favorite restaurants and supermarkets, are now gone and filled with apprehension and fear. It might be a new career opportunity that was the catalyst for relocating your family to another city; thus, not only do you have the stress of the relocation process and associated adjustments, but a new job to acclimate to as well. Factors such as a partner's career, the effect on the children's educational and recreational activities, and financial constraints are all major considerations involved in the relocation process. With all these things to deal with, why would anyone want to move?

Relocation Tips

Upon researching for writing this article, I note that there are probably thousands of websites that give list after "checklist" of "things to plan and do when moving". So I decided not to recreate that here. This list of tips will certainly contain some typical moving items but I tried to collect useful suggestions more geared toward "significant" moves, such as out of area/county/state. The type of move where you have to do a little more research and upfront legwork to make the transition go smoothly, relieve the stress of relocation and turn your move into a successful endeavor.... anyway, hope it helps just a bit!

Planning and transitioning through a relocation is one heck of a task; it's taxing on the mind, body and spirit. And once you finally arrive at your new destination, it really only just begins; you get to relearn the "practical everyday stuff", like where your house is in relation to the schools, what the best pizza place is, and where the movie theaters are. Next there's the challenge of meeting new friends and learning the new social norms associated with each area of the country, which can be amazingly different. Following the steps above can hopefully help reduce the stress of your move, and make it a successful endeavor. Remember that a good real estate agent can be a major asset for assisting you in many of these tasks, so take advantage of this fact if at all possible.

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