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Fixing your credit is something you can do yourself but first you need to read our credit repair articles full of free credit repair information. Browse through the list below or go to our repair article search, or watch one of our repairing your credit videos. We are sure you will find one or two articles to help you repair your credit. If you don't want to fix your credit yourself, we have information on credit repair companies and other credit repair services you can use. There is no reason to delay fixing your credit reports and getting the better credit your deserve. Do-it-yourself credit repair starts today!

Credit Repair Information

Credit Repair FAQ — Need a place to start fixing your credit? Here it is - a one-stop place to answer all of the frequently asked when repairing your credit report.

Repair Your Credit on Your Own — Our easy to follow steps will walk you through the DIY credit repair process starting with getting and reading your credit reports to mailing credit dispute letters to the credit bureaus.

Take Our Credit Repair Quiz — Take this quiz to see if you are ready for diy credit repair.

Advantages of Credit Repair — Straight from the experts at Lexington Law, learn why you should repair your credit today.

Keeping Your Credit in Good Shape — Now that you have repaired your credit, what do you have to do to keep it in good shape? We have six tips for you.

Credit Repair Myths — Everyone seems to have advice on fixing ones credit and there is a lot of misinformation out there. See what myths you should avoid.

Fix Your Credit After a Late Payment — Learn how to fix your credit after a late payment to a creditor.

Repairing Your Credit After Bankruptcy — Yes you can rebuild your credit after filing for bankruptcy.

Repair Your Credit After a Repo — If you have had a car repossessed, follow our 3 steps to fix your credit report after this terrible event.

Protect Your Credit During a Divorce — We have seven tips to protect your credit history during a divorce.

Glossary of Credit Repair Vocabulary — We have put together a list of terms you will need to know if you want to repair your credit on your own.

Common Credit Repair Questions

Ask Your Questions in Our Credit Repair Forum — Our active forum community can help answer your questions about repairing credit and removing errors from your credit reports.

15 Questions to Answer When Fixing Your Credit — Solving your credit repair problems starts with answering the tough questions.

How Long Does it Take to Fix a Credit Report? — Fixing your credit does not take that long. Here is a month-to-month schedule to follow for immediate results.

Can Paying Rent Help Your Credit? — RentBureau, acquired by Experian, is now reporting timely rent payments which can help increase your credit score.

Do Short Sales Hurt Your Credit? - Yes, but there are some things you can do to minimize the damage.

Living Expenses Will Cost More With Bad Credit — If you have bad credit, your basic living expenses will cost you more. Fixing your credit report can decrease your living expenses.

Cost of Bad Credit — Bad credit cost you more money in higher interest rates. See the amount of money you can save with a better credit score.

Can Bad Credit Affect Employment? — Potential and current employers could use bad credit against you. Is it legal for them to look at your credit report?

Should I Close my Credit Card Account? — Learn how to close your unused credit card accounts without negatively impacting your credit score.

How an Auto Accident Can Hurt Your Credit — Being in an automobile accident may cause negative consequences to your credit score.

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More Credit Report Repair Information

Credit Monitoring FAQ — A big part of repairing your credit is monitoring your credit reports. We've put answers to the most frequently asked questions about credit monitoring and credit monitoring services.

Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Credit — Learn how to avoid these common mistakes.

Checking Account Can Impact Your Credit — Negative checking account activity can hurt your credit. Learn how to manage your money more effectively.

Fixing Credit as a Couple — Learn how to work with your partner when trying to improve your credit.

Poor Credit Can Negatively Impact Your Life — Our credit scores impact our lives in countless ways. Read about some of the real, practical problems.

Keep Your Credit in Check on Vacation — The last thing you want is to ruin your credit because of a vacation trip.

Good Job May Depend on Good Credit — More and more employers are pulling credit reports as part of the job interview process. Some jobs require good credit.

Break the Cycle of Bad Credit — Having bad credit can be a vicious cycle and one that is hard to break. You can break the chains of bad credit and get your financial life back on track and we will show you how.

Dealing with Credit Bureaus and Original Creditors

Find Inaccurate Information on Credit Report — Learn where inaccurate information comes from and how to remove it.

What is a Credit Dispute? — When you find incorrect information on your credit reports, learn how you can file a credit dispute.

What if a Credit Bureau Refuses to Investigate? — Let us show you some options if a credit bureau refuses to investigate your dispute.

What if the Credit Bureau is Slow to Respond? — There are time limits within which a credit bureau must respond.

Document Credit Disputes — Always document your disputes and send all correspondence via registered mail.

Suing Your Creditors — It is possible to sue your creditors and actually win.

Credit Dispute with Original Creditor — Learn how you can dispute a negative item directly with the original creditor.

Method of Verification — When disputing a negative entry on your credit report, you can use the Method of Verification to dispute the listing with the original creditor.

File a Complaint — If a creditor is treating you unfairly, we can provide the resources you will need to file a complaint.

Fix Your Credit - Remove Negative Items

Find a Creditor's Information — Did you know you can get all the information you need about a creditor on your credit report?

Tips for Handling Creditors — These steps can help you minimize the stress of creditors hounding you all the time.

How to Contact State Attorney General's Office — Your local AG office can be your best friend when it comes to legal issues with your creditors.

Help From National Consumer Assistance Plan — After a New York State A.G. investigation, a new plan has emerged to help consumers remove inaccurate information from their credit reports. 

Remove Credit Inquires, Remove Collections From Credit Reports

How to Remove Credit Inquiries — Our easy to follow steps will remove inquiries from your credit reports.

How to Remove Collections — These five methods help remove collections from your credit reports.

Keep Medical Collection Off Credit Report — Any collection on your credit report is bad, but you can stop medical debt from being sent to a collection agency.

How to Remove Judgments — We will show you three steps to get a judgment off your credit.

How to Remove Disputes — You can dispute any erroneous items on your report, but some lenders may not like to see accounts in dispute. Learn how to remove these disputed accounts from your credit.

Credit Repair Companies and Credit Repair Services

BBB Reports on Credit Repair Company Scams — Credit repair companies try to take advantage of consumers but the BBB is on their side.

Bad Credit Repair Companies — Not all credit repair companies are worth the money you will spend. Make sure to check out the firm you decide to use or you will just be throwing your money away.

Why Use a Credit Repair Company? — Are credit repair companies the cure for your credit ails? We'll show you what they really do for you and what to be aware of when hiring one to fix your credit.

Free Credit Counseling Services — There are services available to help you fix your credit for free.

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