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Quick Credit Repair Article Search

By using the free credit repair advice you’ll find in our articles, you can work toward getting the good credit you deserve — the kind of credit that will enable you to buy the house or car of your dreams. Below are just a few of the articles found at Credit Info Center that will help you repair your credit on your own.

All you need to fix your credit for free is a willingness to do it and the right resources to walk you through the credit repair process every step of the way.

Our Credit Repair Articles Will Get You There

Credit Info Center has been offering free help with credit repair since the website launched in 1995. Today we have one of the most comprehensive collections of credit repair articles — all in one place — covering every aspect of the credit repair process, including:

And if there is anything you cannot find an answer to in our articles, you can always ask in our free credit repair forum — an active community of people who can offer free credit repair advice based on their own experiences with the process.

Need Help Finding a Credit Repair Company?

Though you can fix your credit for free on your own, many people prefer to have help from a credit repair company. That works too, provided you know what to look for and what to avoid.

What to Look for in a Credit Repair Company

You want to work with a credit repair company that:

  • Gives you a copy of the Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law
  • Provides you with a contract that outlines their fees, details of service, any guarantees they offer, and their physical address and phone number
  • Gives you ample time to review and sign the contract

What to Avoid in a Credit Repair Company

You do NOT want to work with a credit repair company that:

  • Charges you upfront fees before any services have been provided
  • Promises they can remove accurate listings from your credit reports
  • Says they want to create a new identity for you

Credit Repair Company Recommendations

First, read through a few of the articles below:

Doing so may alleviate any reservations you’re feeling right now about using a credit repair company or doing it on your own. If you’re still not sure, and you’d like to at least consider a credit repair company, we recommend Lexington Law.

Lexington Law follows the same credit repair methods we recommend in our own credit repair articles. Plus, they offer a free credit summary and consultation that in no way obligates you.

Better Credit Starts Now

All it takes is just one step to get the ball rolling — whether it’s reading your first credit repair article on how to repair your credit for free or making a phone call to Lexington Law. Either way, you just might find the hardest part of the process is making the decision to start. So why not get the hard part out of the way and decide to get started on credit repair today?