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Credit Repair Service — How Does Lexington Law Work?

Last Updated: March 21, 2017

If you’ve done much research on credit repair companies, you know there’s a lot to be leery of. While there are legitimate services out there, many are scams that will only make your financial situation worse. Lexington Law is one of the exceptions, which is why we have been recommending them for years. They understand applicable consumer protection laws and they use credit repair techniques accordingly. Want to know what to expect? Here’s how Lexington Law works.

Monthly Credit Repair Service Levels

Whether you do credit repair on your own or pay a company to do it for you, it’s typically a months-long process. To that end, Lexington Law charges by the month, the cost of which varies depending on which service level you choose:

That said, you won’t be charged the monthly fee right away — or any upfront fee, for that matter. Five to 15 days after you sign up, you will be charged a “one-time first work fee” for “work initially completed.” Your monthly fee doesn’t kick in until 30 days later. (Note, specific time frames for charges vary by state.)

What Lexington Law Can Do For You

Understanding Lexington Law Credit Repair Services

If you go with the Concord Standard level with Lexington Law, you can expect the following:

Through it all, you can track your credit repair process 24/7 through their website or mobile app.

If you go with the Concord Premier level, you get:

Lastly, if you go with the PremierPlus level, you get:

What Lexington Law Credit Repair Service Does NOT Do

They don’t mislead you about results.

While they do reference an average of 10.2 removals per customer within 4 months’ time, they stress it’s different for everyone.

As Lexington Law states on its website, “Not only is it illegal to guarantee results for credit repair, it is impossible to predict final actions and decisions of creditors, debt collectors, and credit bureaus.”

They also make clear that the 10.2 removals is across all three credit bureaus, meaning if one listing is removed from all three of your credit reports, Lexington Law counts it as three removals.

They don’t lock you into a contract.

Whichever service you sign up for is on a monthly basis. You can cancel your Lexington Law service at any time. Of course, they only charge for work after it is performed, so you should expect to be billed one more time after request of cancellation.

They don’t pretend like you can’t do it yourself.

As we have stated countless times here over the years, there is nothing a credit repair company can do for you that you cannot do for yourself. Lexington Law states as much on its website: "Remember that you have the right under federal law to conduct your own credit repair work if you so choose."

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They don’t charge you for work they haven’t done.

Again, Lexington Law only charges for work they have completed. Though required by law, this is not a given across this industry. All too often, consumers are duped into paying upfront fees, sometimes for work that never gets done at all.

How to Get Started Using a Credit Repair Service

Talk to someone at Lexington Law. Call 800-461-0524 for a free consultation that includes a review of your credit report summary and a FICO score. It’s free with no obligation.

If it turns out to be something you feel you can’t afford right now, remember that DIY credit repair is free. And as Lexington Law states on its website, "You have the option to begin the credit repair process on your own and enlist the help of Lexington Law at a later point in time."

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