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Written by: Kristy Welsh

Information on Credit Repair, Credit Reports and Scores, Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy, and More!


Credit Repair - Learn how to fix your credit on your own or have a credit repair company do it for you. Our articles will give you all the information you need to repair your credit by removing negative and inaccurate information.

Credit Reports - The first step in fixing your credit is to obtain all three of your credit reports. These articles will explain how to get your reports and then how to interpret the information on these reports.

Credit Cards - There are a lot of credit card offers out there, so how do you know you are getting the best credit card? We have compiled all the best credit card offers, information, and suggestions in one section.

Debt Settlement - If you have a lot of debt, we have tried and true methods of settling those debts. The best way to increase your credit score, is to lower you debt and keep the amount of money you owe to a bare minimum.

Credit Score - Just how does FICO come up with that three-digit number and what does it really mean? Even though the exact formula is a highly guarded secret, we have articles that unravel part of the mystery and suggestions on how to increase your credit score.

Rebuild Your Credit - After going through a bankruptcy or a foreclosure, you will need to build your credit back up. We have some great ideas for rebuilding your credit and adding positive credit to your credit reports.

Bankruptcy - Some think of this as another bad word - it's not. Bankruptcy is a way to start over again with a clean slate. But don't take filing for bankruptcy lightly, it takes serious consideration and we have some some great tips and alternatives to filing BK.

Loans - This section covers everything from student loans, financial aid, auto loans, personal loans, business or SBA loans, and mortgages. There is an abundant amount of information in this category so take your time looking it over.

Identity Theft - Nothing could be worse than having your identity stolen and your credit ruined in the process. Learn how to detect ID theft and how to prevent it from happening to you.

Budgeting and Saving Money - Learning how to budget your money and save your money go hand in hand. These articles cover everything from cutting coupons to setting up an automatic saving account.

Legal Articles - We may not be attorneys, but we do have a lot of great articles that can help if you are being sued, or need to sue a creditor. These will get your started but you may need to talk to an actual attorney down the road.

Consumer Protection Agencies - Consumer protection is designed to protect the rights of consumers as well as fair trade competition. The CFPB is the government agency assigned to this task. See how they protect different areas of commerce.

Credit Repair Sample Letters - Check out our listing of free sample credit repair letters for you to use. You can tailor these templates to fit your situation. 

All 'Bout Credit Videos - Our 12-part video series covers a variety of topics in a light-hearted manner you are sure to enjoy.

Blog - News and information are posted daily about credit repair, debt settlement, credit cards, bankruptcy, and financial matters.