I Won in Court – What About My Credit Report?

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Just received this email, and thought it was interesting AND important to put out there.

My case was dismissed for lack of evidence on behalf of the collector who admitted they didn’t have anything. How do I go about removing this mark on my credit report?

You would dispute the tradeline with the credit bureaus as in a regular dispute.  Include all of the documentation.  Since the creditor reporting admitted they had nothing as far as evidence, they really cannot report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Refer to FCRA Section 623, reporting negative information without proof is not allowed.  Also, see Cushman v. TransUnion, No. 95-CV-01743, Third Circuit, 1997.)  If you were to apply for credit after the 30 days, and be denied because of those derogatory TL’s, then you could actually sue and win an award for actual damages!

If they refuse to remove the tradeline, speak to an attorney – you have a great case!

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