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Confessions of a Debt Settlement Company Worker

April 1st, 2008 · No Comments · Debt Settlement

by Staff

Very interesting reading….goes into the inner workings of debt settlement companies, which I advice people under no circumstances to enter. Some disturbing excerpts:

There were clients at my company whose income was only $900 a month, who were being asked to save $400 a month, and then put $200 a month towards the program’s fee. If they miss a month, they are canceled with no refund as per the signed contract.

Although, I wasn’t one of the employees that were talking people out of their hard earned money and financial security, I felt sickeningly guilty knowing I was working at a place that basically stole from people.

My favorite line is:

The “client service agreement”, which I referred to as a “contract with Satan”, confounded most clients.

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