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How Downsizing your Waistline can Downsize your Wallet

July 14th, 2008 · No Comments · Budgeting

by Kristy Welsh

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2017)

So I decided that perhaps I could kill two birds with one stone and reduce my food expenditures and waistline at the same time. It makes sense, I can alter my food choices and (maybe) even eat less altogether; it was time to go on my annual “diet” and I needed some kind of incentive to start. My skyrocketing bills seemed ample incentive, so off I trotted to the supermarket to choose (hopefully less of) my new lighter fare.

I beelined right to the dairy section where I found my life staple, cheese. Revise that to “reduced fat” cheese. Great, Kraft cheese, who makes a fairly tasty reduced fat sharp cheddar, is on sale! Hmm, not so great, every kind EXCEPT the reduced fat is selling at a discount. This is not unusual, either.

Next stop; my beloved Pringles. OK, I know I said I was starting a diet but everyone knows you can’t completely eliminate things you really crave or you will go hog-wild later; you learn to practice “portion control”. So I pick up a cannister of those mouthwatering BBQ chips in one hand, and a reduced fat regular pringles in the other… and suddenly I notice something; hey, the reduced fat doesn’t feel quite as heavy as the BBQ, but it’s in an identical size container. I check the net weight and there it was in black and white; the “light” pringles were 5 1/8 ounce, and the regular 5 3/4 ounce. So I get 10% less product in addition to fewer calories? What a “deal”.

OK, here’s my dilemma: should I prioritize saving money, or calories? Yeah, I’m sure in some cases it cost the manufacturer more money to make the (bland, dry, often tasteless) lighter versions of products.

I decide that my health is more important than my wallet (that day). And, given that I recently got my 10% bonus at the supermarket through cashing in my economic stimulus check there, decided it was a reasonable decision. As for next week’s shopping excursion, well, only time (and my shrinking wallet) will tell…

Does anyone else have any “shrinking wallet/waistline” product examples to share??

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