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Save Money by Reusing Items Destined for the Recycling Bin

November 13th, 2009 · No Comments · Budgeting

by Kristy Welsh

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2010)

Most people automatically separate their recycling trash from the regular trash before throwing it out. How about saving money by reusing items which would ordinarily find their way to the recycling trash bins? Other than not creating trash in the first place, this is by far the most effective way to lower your carbon foot print.

  • Paper. Paper can often be re-used more than once. Don’t toss out fax printouts and left over paper if you can re-use them as test paper or as something for your child to color and draw on while waiting for you to get off of work.
  • Use cloth grocery bags instead of the plastic ones that you get at the market. It takes a lot of chemical processing to make these plastic bags. Processing which sends toxins into our water and air. You can purchase these reusable bags from your local grocery stores or online. You can even get generic bags online so that you can use them at any store.
  • Old and defective CDss DVDs as art. Old and defective CDs and DVDs can be glued together and made into many things, like pencil cups, coasters, paper racks and can even be broken up and used in self-drying clay and cement as mirror-like decorations. Hanging, decorated CDs make perfect Christmas ornaments.
  • Use CD-RW or CD+RW and DVD-RW or DVD+RW’s to reuse to update your files several times rather than using one CD or DVD for every group of files and videos. The cost for the raw media can add up quicklu, so reuse as many as you can.
  • Plastic bottles. One of the biggest menaces in the land fill is plastic bottles. Reuses for them:
    • Leftover Paint. Mark the room where you used the paint on them and the color name and date last used. You won’t waste the paint and it’ll stay liquid much longer. Adding a couple of marbles or stones to the bottle will allow you to re-mix the paint easily by just shaking briskly.
    • Gardening supplies can really add up on cost. Use old plastic milk jugs to water your garden or as starter boxes for your seeds and seedlings.
  • Glass containers. If you buy any vegetables or condiments in bulk glass containers, you can re-use those containers to make “Sun-Tea”, instead of buying a fancy tea jug. Use them to collect coins and house money or cash at school and church events.
  • Cell Phones. Donate your old cell phones to:, or your local shelter. Soldiers will be able to call home to their families. Many shelters will take old cell phones and give them to people who can’t afford them; for instance, students.

There are many more ways to recycle and reuse. To learn more, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. In addition, Recycling Revolution contains more information on recycling and how to reduce your trash.

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