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Will New Google Credit Card Increase Small Biz Debt for AdWords Campaigns?

October 10th, 2012 · No Comments · Credit Cards

by Kristy Welsh

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

If you own a small business, you know how carefully your advertising budget must be allocated, not only on effective advertising mediums, but affordable ones. Thus, the inherent appeal of Google’s new credit card exclusively for small businesses to charge their Google AdWords campaigns.

While these ads may, of course, be charged to any old credit card, may there be validation, of sorts, that comes with the knowledge that you have a credit card exclusively for that purpose? I’m curious, how may this affect small business owners’ use of AdWords campaigns?

Though Google AdWords may be the most effective advertising medium, no doubt there are small business owners who resist it. But in our credit-consumed society, a card offered exclusively for that purpose will surely entice hold-outs to jump on board. And for small business owners who already use, and sing the praises of, Google AdWords campaigns, will their AdWords credit cards encourage increased use of a good thing?

All of that said, small business owners beware. Just as we caution individuals on moderate use of personal credit cards, it is critical that small business owners exercise caution when it comes to charging up debt. If you do get an AdWords credit card, and it entices you to up the ante on your campaigns, start slow. And if you haven’t already, exhaust all your resources to be sure you’re using AdWords as strategically as possible.

In you’re unfamiliar with Google AdWords, here’s the gist of it: Business owners “bid” on keywords relative to their businesses. Their ads, incorporating these keywords, appear in internet-user search results. Every time people click through on these ads, the business owners pay whatever amount they initially offered for that keyword term during the bidding process.

If you own a small business, do you use Google AdWords? Why or why not? And if you had a credit card exclusively for that purpose, how may that change your interest/use of Google AdWords, and your advertising strategy overall?

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