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3 Creative Ways To Mind Your Money

February 3rd, 2014 · No Comments · Your Money

by Staff

man looking at vision boardWhen money’s on the mind — less for your riches and more for the lack thereof — it’s time to get creative. While we all get down in the dumps now and then struggling to make ends meet and our financial dreams come true, wallowing in negativity only makes things worse. Your money-mind needs a makeover, the more creative the better.

1) Keep a journal.

Every time you have a negative thought about money, write it down. Then ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could possibly happen if that negative thought is true?” Write it down. Then ask yourself, “What’s more likely the truth.” Write it down. Finally, ask yourself, “How can truth inform change?”

For example, if your negative thought is, “There’s never enough money,” what’s the worst that could possibly happen if that is true? Well, if there is never enough money, then the worst that could possibly happen is nothing will change at all since you’re already accustomed to living with “never enough money” and you’re somehow getting by.

What’s more likely the truth, though, is that you’re spending more money than you’re making — in the past and right now. So the change you need to make is to find a way to spend less than you earn in the future.

2) Create a positive affirmation.

Every day our minds are filled with thoughts that inform our beliefs and, in turn, our actions. So what you think about your finances is every bit as responsible for your financial situation as your behavior. So the more you can do to manage and minimize your negative thoughts about money, the better.

Keeping a worry journal, as suggested above, is a great way of keeping negative thoughts in check. You can also try countering them with positive affirmations.

For example, if one of your recurring negative thoughts is, “There’s never enough money,” you could counter that with a positive affirmation as simple as, “There’s always an abundance of money” or “I always have an abundance of money.”

Write it down and post your positive affirmation in a place where you will see it every day, multiple times a day, like the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator. Say it aloud every time you see it and as many times as you can remember throughout every day.


3) Start a vision board.

If seeing is believing, vision boards are magic money makers! What are your financial goals today, next year, for retirement? Any one of these goals is worthy of a vision board.

Take a trip to your local thrift store or library bookstore and get yourself a stack of magazines as relative to your financial goals as possible. (They’re usually just a quarter a piece, fifty cents at the most). Now sit down with your magazines and tear out pictures and words that reflect your goals.

You could be creating a vision board of your dream house, a trip to Europe, a business plan, or just a big stack of cash in the bank. Whatever it is, collage the pieces of it together onto a poster board and hang it somewhere you can see (and add to it) every day.

Any other creative ways to mind your money you’d add to the list?


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