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How to Change Your Mind About Money

March 1st, 2016 · No Comments · Your Money

by Kristy Welsh

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

How to Change Your Mind About Money

Is there never enough money? Are you bad with money? Do you hate money? If any of these, or similar sentiments, ring true, this post is for you. What you think about money affects how you treat it and, in turn, the role it plays in your life. So if you have a negative money mindset — and especially if you are trying to repair bad credit — it’s time to root out your core beliefs and start changing your mind for the better.

Is Your Money Mindset Limiting Your Worth?

What are some negative beliefs you have about money? Where do these negative beliefs come from? How could these beliefs be affecting your financial well-being? The more difficult these questions seem, the more important it is for you to answer them so you can get to the bottom of the most important question of all: Is your money mindset limiting your worth?

3 Creative Ways to Mind Your Money

When money’s on the mind — less for your riches and more for the lack thereof — it’s time to get creative. While we all get down in the dumps now and then struggling to make ends meet and our financial dreams come true, wallowing in negativity only makes things worse. Your money-mind needs a makeover, the more creative the better. Think journaling, positive affirmations, and vision boards.

Money on the Mind? Give It a Positive Spin

How many times do you suppose you think about money over the course of a day? Some days it will be less, some days more. The point is, we think about money a lot, whether it’s tied to a specific action or a decision that will influence an action in the future. Unfortunately, far too many of our thoughts tied to money are negative ones. Here are specific instructions for giving those negative beliefs a positive spin.

3 Quotes to Commit to Your Money Memory

If you tell yourself something about money, you’re inclined to believe it and act accordingly. So the next time you find your mind turning to negative thoughts about money (or the work you do to earn it), try reciting one of these thoughts instead.

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