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Questioning Insurance Premiums: Credit, Price Optimization & Your Budget

August 12th, 2016 · No Comments · Insurance

by Staff

Questioning Insurance Premiums

We don’t usually question the need for health, home, or auto insurance. We need those protections. What we should be questioning, though, is why our insurance premiums are so high in the first place. Because there may be things we can do to make them more affordable or, at the very least, more manageable.

Do You Know Your Insurance Credit Score?

Strange as it might seem, your credit score may be influencing what you’re paying for home or auto insurance. Why? Because some studies show your credit history can predict the likelihood of you filing a claim on your home or auto insurance policy. Read more…

Are You Paying More for Home Insurance Because of Bad Credit?

If your state allows the practice, it is possible that your credit helped determine what you’re paying for homeowners or renters insurance. So if your credit is in bad shape, it’s possible your premiums are higher than they would be if you had better credit. Read more…

Have Good Credit? You May Be Paying More for Car Insurance

It’s no secret (anymore) that car insurance companies take your credit score into account when determining your premiums. What’s a little shocking to learn, though, is that you’re not just penalized for bad credit. Even if your credit is good, you’ll likely pay higher premiums. In fact, it takes excellent credit to get the best rates. Read more…

Is Your Insurance Company Price Optimizing You?

You like to think loyalty counts for something, even in the insurance business. But thanks to new data mining tools, all loyalty seems to mean to many insurance companies is bigger profits. If research shows you likely won’t shop around in the event of a home or auto insurance rate hike, expect the hike to happen to you. Read more…

How Worried Are You About Rising Health Insurance Costs in 2017?

Of all the things that put a strain on your budget, health insurance likely tops the list. How worried are you about premiums, co-pays, and deductibles going up next year? TransUnion asked just that of participants in a survey that found 76 percent extremely or somewhat concerned about health insurers’ 2017 rate proposals. Here’s what TransUnion asked and how participants responded. How do your concerns compare? Read more…