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How a Goodwill Letter Can Remove Late Payments from Credit Reports

January 23rd, 2017 · No Comments · Credit Repair Letters

by Kristy Welsh

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2017)

How a Goodwill Letter Can Remove Late Payments from Credit Reports

You’ve been late with payments before, but you’re current now and have been for a while. Under these circumstances, it’s possible to get those late payment listings removed. Even though they’re accurate, writing a goodwill letter to the creditor could convince them to remove the late payment listings anyway, which could be a big help in the credit repair process. Here’s how to do it.

What to Include In Your Goodwill Letter

The shorter the better, but be sure to include:

  • Your name and account number
  • The reason you are writing
  • Acknowledgement that you agree with the late payments (i.e., this is not a dispute letter)
  • Explanation of why you were late
  • Reference to your more recent history of making payments on time
  • Steps you have taken to prevent late payments going forward

Equally important to the content of the letter is your tone. Be friendly and express gratitude for their consideration. They are under zero obligation to honor your request, so approach the letter accordingly.

Fortunately, you need not start from scratch. Refer to our sample goodwill letter, which you can edit to your unique circumstances.

How to Send Your Goodwill Letter

Send it via certified mail with return receipt requested.

What Kind of Response to Expect

It could go a few different ways:

  • You might hear nothing back, but the next time you look at your credit reports, the listing has been removed.
  • You might hear nothing back, and nothing gets changed on your credit reports.
  • You might get a response that says they are removing the listing, and the next time you look at your credit reports, it’s gone.
  • You might get a response that says no, they will not remove the listing.

If the listing gets removed, congratulations. You did it! If you hear nothing back or they tell you it’s not going to happen, follow up in a few months with a similar request. You could get an entirely different response.

Don’t Agree with a Late Payment Listing?

It’s not a goodwill letter you need. It’s a dispute letter. Here’s what you need to know about those.


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