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  1. Thank you!! My plan is to go ahead and file, and get this "early 20's" part of my life behind me. I've definitely learned a valuable lesson through all of this, and it will not be to start right back up with my old habits or 20+ cards and 20K in debt. For the first time, I feel a weight is being lifted and I can see the shore through the waves.. don't get me wrong, though.. I'm still nervous as hell to just sit back and not pay any of my debt come the first of the month. This is a whole new concept for me, but in the future, will be extremely careful with my money! Appreciate all the advice given here!
  2. A bankruptcy lawyer got in touch with me this morning after I researched my options yesterday, and I'm really thinking this is the best option for me. She explained that with my income and 3 small children to care for, that Chapter 7 is made for people like me, who have just gotten in over their heads with debt. Any opinions on Chapter 7??
  3. I'm not sure where to turn, but I don't want to ask family/friends as I'm worried how I will look in their eyes. Seems I had too much of "keeping up with the Jones'" and now I am in debt up to my ears. My problem isn't that I can't pay my debt back, I am not even late and I pay on time every month. My problem is that it is now TOO MUCH in the fact that my whole paycheck goes to debt and I don't have any left over in the end for groceries for me and my 3 small children. I'm forced with 3 options, and I don't know which is better.. 1. Get help from a debt settlement company.2. File bankruptcy, if I fit into the guidelines.3. Contact all companies and request a reduced settlement. If that doesn't work, stop paying these debts, wait until collection agencies buy them. At that time, validate the debt and ask for settlements per confirmation. I'll be honest with you.. all 3 of these options scare the hell outta me as I'm a person who always pays her bills on the 1st, even if they aren't due until the 25th. I currently owe a total of about $19,720.80 to 20 different companies. Can you please give me some advice?? I don't know where to turn!! Thanks! Erin Nickel