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  1. What happens at arbitration, and how can that help us? Thanks so much for all your help and info!
  2. 1. Lowes - GE Capital Retail Bank 2. Yes 3. Yes - Small Claims 4. roughly $8500 5. I don't know - but they say June 18, 2013
  3. Thank you so much! I was thinking along the same lines, but wanted to see what others thought, as well. You've been a big help.
  4. Hello abelincoln... how did it go with your response to the request for admission, interrogatories, etc..? We're in the same boat as of today, and I want to know how I should word my responses.
  5. Request for Admission: 1. You applied for, opened, and/or were otherwise granted a XXX credit card issued by GE Capital Bank or some other similarly named entitiy, with the account number XXXXX... 2. You used the XXX account to make various purchases, charges, or other transactions to acquire various goods, services, or other valuable consideration. 3. At some time, you failed to make timely payments on your XXX account and the account fell into default. 4. The last payment made on this account was made on .... in the amount of $XX 5. The balance due on this account is $XXX 6. You owe at least two thousand dollars on this account 7. You owe at least four thousand dollars on this account 8 You owe at least six thousand dollars on this account 9 The attached account statements, labeled exhibit A, are true and accurate copies of the account statements mailed by the OC on .... and ...., all numbers thereon are accurate and undisputed. 10. This account was never settled in full with the OC or any successor in interest or party acting on their behalf. 11. GE Capital Retail Bank assigned this account to the plaintiff 12. The account was opened on or about 13 You resided and/or received mail at... my address from 7/2013 through present 14. You made a payment of $XXx on or around ...., on this account.
  6. Great, thank you CCRP626! Here is my next question... Does my husband deny/object all that is in the discovery (feels like they want us to do their homework for them, or give them personal information that isn't their business) - and how does he go about that if they provided a CC statement from the OC?
  7. Hello all... I've been lurking around here for a few weeks now - and have been met with mounds of helpful information, so thanks so much for that! My hubby is being sued by Midland Funding LLC by its servicing agent Midland Credit Management, and Kohn in their lawyers here in WI. Per what we read here, he denied all allegations against him and was the only defendant that day to actually show up and deny all charges. The lawyer who showed up acted like they didn't receive my husband's answer (which isn't required in our county, but I advised him to file one anyway after reading all the info here) - and my hubby produced a signed return receipt. The lawyer fumbled a bit, and basically a court date was set for next month. Now to today... my husband received a letter from Kohn, which has an affidavit of mailing and the Plaintiff's first set of requests for admission, interrogatories and requests for production of documents. Here is my question (and excuse me if I sound naïve, LOL) - These forms don't look like they were filed in court, seeing as there isn't a court seal/stamp. It does look like a legal filing, but it's not stamped like the summons or the response. It's signed by a tamp by a lawyer at Kohn Law Firm, and they provided a photocopy of "exhibit A" which is one credit statement from OC from a random date, and a statement showing the charge off. How do we go about answering this? Do we file our response with our court? And, do we file our request for documentation through the court and send it back to them? So much to do, but I want to absolutely make sure we do this right. Thanks so much!!