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  1. Here's the timeline: Plaintiff served me on 7/9/16 I sent in my Answer to Complaint on 7/27/16 Plaintiff mailed Motion for Summary Judgement to me on 8/12/16 with hearing set for 9/22/16 I filed Objection to Motion for Summary Judgement on 9/14/16 I filed Document request on 9/14/16
  2. OK, see if you can open the files now. casecomplaint.docx casedocs3.docx caseobjectionsj3.docx casemotionsj3.docx caseanswer3.docx
  3. Hi. I have to go to court next week to defend myself against a Motion for Summary Judgement from Midland Funding. I have never been to court and do not know what to expect. Following is link to the Complaint, my Answer, Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgement and my Objection to Motion and Request for Documents. Also please see my responses to common questions below. Thank you in advance for any advice you might offer. *******EDIT - If you can't open files below see other link in my next post below ************ Complaint: