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  1. Hey everyone! Brand new to the forum and need some quick help. I will try to read up on some posts but figure somebody here gonna love to hear this one. So log story short my wife is being suid by PCA Acquisitions in court here in Mongomery County Texas. I had answered the law suit with the following letter, asking for the court to dismiss the case , my first main point being that they have no surety bond filed with the secretary of state. Now today i have received a court date for August 22nd. my question is, does PCA Acquisitions still really want to peruse this after I have noted that they don't have a surety bond? Why would the judge let this continue? Or is this great for me to peruse some legal action? I'm not a lawyer and did the best research I could, but I'd figure Id get some advice on this one as it sounds like a lawsuit as well as filing a complaint with the attorney generals office for them practicing collections in Texas with no Bond? What everyone's though on this?