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  1. Then what good is it really doing us?
  2. Well, EQ removed the TL last month, EX says "consumer disputes", and TU says, "verified according to FCRA". I wrote TU and told them that Asset was unable to validate according to FDCPA. I played the crazy person. I'm not sure they care, but I want to make waves about it any way that I can, because they obviously CAN'T validate. Wow. Okay, so I guess I'll just keep waiting. Thanks!
  3. In January I sent a DV to Asset Acceptance. They responded with a questionnaire that included all of the questions that I should be asking them. They must think I'm an idiot. So I wrote them back and told them about it. Finally, by March, the lady handling my case wrote back with some generic information including my address and original account number and called it a validation. I responded with an ugly letter about how they are completely out of line, what they are doing is illegal, and I have a mind to sue them over it if they do not respond accordingly. I pulled a lot from example letters,
  4. Has ANYONE defeated them? I'm actually starting to have luck w/ Asset Acceptance... but LVNV is also my white whale... not to mention Verizon... ugh. Thanks for the advice!
  5. LVNV is assigned by Sears. Sears still owns the debt...
  6. I'm going to call Sears, too and find out. If I find out first, I'll post. So, if LVNV bought the debt, can they still have a TL showing the balance?
  7. Would it be more effective to send a settlement offer to Sears, or LVNV Funding (the debt assignee)?
  8. The thing about Ohio is that ANYONE can sign a service by certified mail, and it is considered served. That's why I demand due process. So, should I still add your suggestion?
  9. This is the motion I'm going to file. Please tell me if I need to add or subtract anything... IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF OHIO IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF _____________ PALISADES | Plaintiff | | Case No. 123456789 Vs. | | MOTION AND DECLARATION, Imabird's maiden name | TO VACATE JUDGMENT AKA Imabird's married name | Defendant | NOW COMES the Defendant, Pro Se, and prays this Honorable Court to Deny the Plaintiff’s Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Sanction for the followin
  10. Has anyone used Regional Acceptance auto financing? What CRA do they pull? Are they worth a darn?
  11. Well, it's Sears showing a balance and LVNV (yea!) also showing a balance ($1 more than original balance...) I suppose WTC is right...
  12. Thanks for all the advice! It is illegal for a landlord in Ohio to keep your deposit unless they give you an itemized list of damages within 30 days. That didn't happen. In fact, they kept the deposit in place of rent, which is also illegal in Ohio... ...thanks again!
  13. For example, does a collection worth $5,000 knock more points off of your credit score than a $1,000 collection? Is it all relative?