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  1. Just a heads up - this isn't going to be a short recession but a long depression. Start preparing for a 10-15 year depression. The American dollar is going to collapse and inflation is going to go sky high.
  2. China has 1 carrier they use for training purposes. their military is ranked numb 3 in the world. Russia still ranked numb 2. Russia and china have such a buddy/buddy relationship their generals have connecting phone lines. China and Russia also have a combines fleet of subs that matches our own. USA has 11 carriers and one under construction: The George W Bush. Set to be launched in a few years. It takes the USA about 7 years and 5 billion dollars to make one carrier. So, if china sinks a bunch of our carriers we could end up with no upper hand in a battle. What concerns me the most though is an EMP Attack. Russia lost track of a number of nuclear weapons when they collapsed. If by some chance a nuclear device was detonated hundreds of miles above the earth it could cripple us and cause massive fatalities. I've seen a number of articles lately about such an event. Basically, the chances of taking out the entire usa grid is slim but it could take out half easily. Which case our computers, telephones, TV and banking system would be completely useless. Cars would stall and airplanes would be forced to land with no navigation. Then, radiation fall out on top of that. The USA is building FEMA detention centers. I'm still looking into it but the numbers could be as high as 800 facilities. I've also seen photos of stacks of plastic coffins behind some of these facilities. The government is also questioning cemeteries about mass grave capabilities in the event of a epidemic or "emergency." It's pretty scary over all.
  3. could also try Nettle. Natures anti-histamine.
  4. the act protects your job for temporary time off. Like many new father's will use it if they don't have enough vacation time when a baby is born. My hubby used it to take 2 weeks off when our daughter had open heart surgery in boston. Is up to you to use the act. They can't make you use it but they do have to inform you of it by law.
  5. I have heard of restaurants giving other options rather than a refund. Of course, it's a box of chicken nuggets. I mean really? I see people throw away more money on the lotto. It's not like there wasn't any other choices on the menu either. Not like ordering a a hot dog at a hot dog stand that has no hot dogs left and should have just closed. Wow! (Of course I would have spoke to the manager and gotten the chicken strips for nugget price) but some people just don't know how to use a situation to their advantage. The twit.
  6. Credit cards and collection is getting desperate: "Debt collectors are dunning the dead, seeking payment from deceased debtors or their next-of-kin by using sophisticated databases that scan probate court records and other information sources as a way to bolster revenues in depressing economic times, according to news reports." http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/dead_debt_collection/2009/03/06/189206.html What's worse is just how little most people inherit to begin with. Most don't know the state laws on this subject as well.
  7. you could have a very high iron level. too much iron will do weird things. One sign would be to have a constant "tan" all year. Just a thought.
  8. how are we to reduce the trade deficit when our manufacturing is toast? Manufacturing was the work horse that kept the USA afloat in even the toughest times. We have nothing! Hardly any producing of goods left. Everything is from china now. If we suddenly found ourselves in another world war we wouldn't have the manufacturing needed for basic supplies. There is talk of a draft in congress. A few senators have let it slip. the one common element that has always brought down great empires (the usa is seen as an empire) is economic collapse. We're heading towards that now. The stimulus package is not really all that stimulating and we're in deep trouble.
  9. did you know a huge oil reserve has been found in Montana and the first thing our so called "representatives" did was ban drilling it?
  10. I also understand the package will put all your private medical records up on computer where any hacker or "professional" can see what's wrong with you. Pretty soon your driving insurance, your house payments and your employment rates will be based on a number provided by the government based on your records. (My predictions). People aren't sheep - they're "sheeple."
  11. Perhaps we should ban the federal reserve and take back control of our money? Nixon made the money fiat. We need to return the gold and silver standard...and probably place restrictions on consumer credit lending. I recall Obama's statement last week of "digging out of the hole." I'm no expert but it seems to me we need to stop digging the hole in the first place. Prior to 1980's we had inflation but nothing like what it is now. I connected the free wheeling credit card push to the timing. The government really needs to shrink or we will over extend ourselves into collapse. (If we haven't already.) I get the feeling this revolution people are talking about is going to be economic. My friends (many were teenager in the the 80's) are all in the same boat. In credit card debt out the whazoo. Half my graduating class have filed BK once already. Many are finding themselves back in the same boat with more credit card debt. It's like a cycle. IMO, consumer credit cards should be banned. But I don't think that will happen. However, I see no reason not to regulate it further because is can lead to inflation and devalue our currency. That fact alone should be reason enough for more oversight, tougher credit requirements and a lot less credit cards in wallets. On a personal note: Every time I see that capital one commercial with the barbarians I am now seeing the credit card companies as such. Barbarians who will smash your head in. At the end of the commercial when the barbarian asks, "What's in your wallet?" I now reply, "Not crap one."
  12. I have been reading a lot about what has caused our inflation and the derivatives trade bubble. I was thinking back to when inflation really started to get out of control. I also read that consumer credit cards were really widely introduced in 1958 with the diner's club and visa. Soon after American Express and Mastercard. From what I understand (I'm not very good at mathematics and complicated economics) inflation is basically more money floating around in the banking system. Too much money dumped into the system leads to higher prices. Interest rates are supposed to help curb the amount of money thus, a tool for controlling inflation. I understand that credit cards is part of money floating around in the system. It's part of the fractional banking system and even though it's not cash in hand the credit card in your wallet adds to the total monies in the system. I noticed that inflation was kind of kept in check and grew at a slow and steady rate till credit cards were made into consumer cash in 1958. By the 1980's credit cards had loosened their qualifications and granted out credit to anyone - including dogs, cats and new born babies. I'm seeing a direct correlation between consumer credit debt and inflation over all. I believe the derivatives (bucket shops of 2000) bubble has actually pushed us over the edge and that's why we are heading towards a depression. I know a lot of people are saying the federal reserve is the reason we have such high inflation. Perhaps, it's not helping but I think the main reason is the over abundance of consumer credit. Thoughts/suggestions?
  13. I saw a clip from the floor of one of the stock broker trading rings. The traders are so disgusted they are calling for a "Boston tea party." My god, the hyperinflation from the mess will go through the roof. The derivatives trading is what is behind the collapse. Bucket shop laws of 1907 were 'repealed" kind of in 2000. 8 years for this mess to grow and grow. The amount in the derivatives bubble is staggering. This will indeed put us into a great depression like no other.