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  1. can't attach the screen here for some reason...but here what is says ">>> We have reviewed the bankruptcy information. XXXXX The results are: This item has been deleted from the credit file. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Federal Bankruptcy Court, (address here)
  2. just sent you a PM... I simply disputed it, and I guess got lucky, I don't know:)
  3. Hello everyone, Ok, I removed the chapter 7 from only 1 bureau (Equifax). I wanted to ask what are my next steps should be, I still show 3-5 accounts including in bankruptcy and bankruptcy itself in TU and Experian. I disputed TU and waiting on the result. Want to ask the community for some advise on what to do next. Thank you.
  4. so you are saying that there is no way to remove the bankrupcy from the credit???...I saw of the actual paperwork with other results...is it all scam? what about the sponsors of this site "Lexington Law" they claim they removed thausands bancrupcies...all that SCAM as well???
  5. Hey guys, I am sorry if that has been asked, but here I am...after considering many ways, it seems to me that Chapter 7 is the best way out for me. I keep rading many things about posibility to remove chapter 7 from your report, most is SCAM as I see it, I wanted to ask this forum and see if you actually can remove all reference and chapter 7 itself from the report in 1-2 years? Thanks in advance
  6. yeah it is went to a bit different way...I still waiting to hear from the attorney about this one...there are 2 ways as I see it...we all agree on arbitration, I choose JAMS, so if they take me to ADR, I'll use the CC agreement form...in case I will loose I will apeal to circuit, and there will choose the JAMS again...so after all not that bad, as far as admiting or denying...I am not sure that you can use the contract that you are denying...but it is never hurts to try:)
  7. Wanted to thank you for the input...and also FL4answer58...I am fine with the judgement, in case I can file an apeal...I think I will be able to...here in TN it is the thing that you can file an apeal after the jugment is taken...so I just wanted to make sure...I will definately stay on the JAMS selection and play that thing first before take the jugement and apeal...I am jugement proof in this time...unemployed, no assets, business is closed and not much to worry about of course right now, but in the future in case a good employment and things
  8. yes but what about time factor....I am trying to buy some time and keep negotiating...they are not settle now, but with arbitration, apeal, etc I am trying to buy some time to negotiate...that's why I am asking if I will be able to apeal the jugment if in fact we will go through ADR...I will refuse it, since I asked for JAMS, and JAMS and one other one stated as options in the agreement, so I will stand on this all the way through, but want to know what are my option down the road
  9. guys, question for you...ok, let's say that attorney try to trick me here, and we will have an ADR hearing in 2 months...let's assume that they prove their case and win the case...then what happen then...it goes back to the court for the judgement? and if it does, can I appel then? here in TN the apeal case is brand new and all prior facts are not taking into effect. thanks for your help.
  10. so no matter what, I should stay on the fact that I choose the JAMS and will arbitrate through them only? also, I am still trying to figure out what the deal with 2 month court date is...is it the thing that they try to do ADR thing...the rules says I can elect between JAMS and the other one? so if they say they take me to ADR, I still can say that JAMS is my choice? I am in TN and here is another question I have...after the small claims granted a judgement I can simply apeal to circuit court with no problem, and it is entirely new case...so I want to know if they push through the process here and get the judgement in general sessions, can I still apeal to circuit court or that will not be possible for me to do?
  11. no I did not...however I stated who I choose in the motion...it was JAMS...can they just change it on me, and what is court ADR? I plan to use arbitration as a tool to drag it as long as possible and make sure it is not easy for them
  12. That's lots of information...so now, we are all agree on arbitration...BUT what is going to happen in 2 days, I still can take jugement and apeal in curcuit court...but they say no problem with arbitration and therefore now I am trying to find out what is going to take place in 2 months? thanks
  13. Ok, I will try...I am sued by the local bank with really good track of papers, and plus account is brnad new...for about 10K or so...after few thoughts I decided to go through the arb route...it was a trial setting yesterday, and after agree about the account belongs to me, decided to arbitrate...so based on the card agreement we are now arb...after all, they set the date in 2 months and that what I am trying to understand what for.
  14. thanks guys, yes I asked for JAMS, and it is in the motion...on the court website, it is stating "continuence open"...I thought that the case should be stoped when arb. is electing? Also, the lawer told me that I will be hearing from her office.
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